About Us

Nala & Luca Approved

Nala & Luca’s Pet Treats was born from our family’s relentless pursuit of the highest-quality, single-ingredient dog treats. Faced with limited options for our discerning pups, we embarked on a mission to create our own. Crafted from 100% human-grade, sliced chicken breast, slowly dehydrated to perfection, our treats are a testament to our commitment to purity. With no additives, preservatives, or coloring, they're the healthy, delicious choice your dog will adore.

Our Product

Our Chicken Jerky is the epitome of simplicity and natural goodness. We use only USDA Restaurant Grade Chicken, locally sourced in the United States, ensuring each treat is made with your pet's well-being in mind. Absolutely free of additives, fillers, weird by-products, and antibiotics, Nala & Luca’s Jerky is as wholesome as it gets.

Our Drying Process

We embrace a slow and meticulous drying process. Dehydrating our treats in small batches at low temperatures, we ensure every nutrient essential for irresistible flavor is retained. This method prevents the uneven texture and moisture levels that can arise from overfilling the dehydrator. The result? Treats that preserve the chicken's natural color, aroma, and original taste, which other methods simply can't match.

The Final Touch...

The care we take doesn't end until each batch of jerky is dried, cooled, and ready for packaging. Consistency is key, especially for K-9 taste receptors attuned to the rich flavors of meat—a staple in their ancestral diet. Our jerky does more than just meet expectations; it celebrates a legacy of flavor and quality. Indulge your dog's natural cravings with a treat that echoes their instinctual desires.