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Nala & Luca’s All-Natural Chicken Jerky Treats!

Our Jerky Treats have all of the Fresh Chicken Flavor that your dog loves and none of the preservatives or fillers that you hate. Just snap off a piece of Nala & Luca’s Chicken Jerky and watch your dog go wild.

What’s our secret? It’s really Just Chicken.

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But what's the catch?

That's the best part. There isn't one.

Unfortunately, there are too many dog food products on the market that are filled with unhealthy preservatives, fillers, and mystery meats. We want better for our pets. Our jerky is made with one ingredient. Locally sourced, all-natural, USDA restaurant grade chicken.

Our Process starts with a whole chicken breast sliced paper thin and slowly dehydrated over a 12 hour process. The result is the perfect strip of jerky with our signature texture, color, and crunch that your dog will go head over paws for.

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Where are Nala And Luca's Products Made?

Nala and Luca’s treats are all SOURCED AND MADE right here in the United States of America! Our protein sources are human-grade (yes, we actually DO try them ourselves!) and hand-sliced in our home town of Chicago, Illinois.

Are Nala And Luca's Treats Really JUST Chicken?

YES! It’s as simple as that. We don't add anything to our products (except a little elbow grease). We think that our chicken is great enough to stand on its own. No added flavors, colors, preservatives, or anything artificial.

Are your Chicken Jerky Dog Treats grain-free?

All of our chicken jerky treats are grain-free! Since we don’t add ANYTHING to our chicken jerky treats, they are naturally free of grains, soy, wheat, preservatives, and all the yuck!

Are Nala & Luca's Chicken Jerky Treats suitable for puppies?

Absolutely! Since our treats are low in fat and high in protein, they make the perfect training treat for puppies!

Are these Chicken Jerky treats for cats too?

We have many cat customers who have proven time and time again that cats LOVE our products just as much as dogs do!