Collection: Dog Food Topper

Introducing Nala & Luca’s Chicken Sprinkles — The Perfect Dog Food Topper!

Elevate your dog's mealtime with Nala & Luca's Chicken Sprinkles, the ultimate dog food topper for picky eaters. Made with the same high-quality, human-grade chicken as our renowned jerky treats, these sprinkles are finely ground to perfection. They're an effortless way to enhance the taste and nutrition of your dog's daily meals.

Just a sprinkle is all it takes to transform any dog food into a gourmet feast. Whether you're looking to entice a fussy eater or simply want to give your pet a protein boost, our Chicken Sprinkles are a healthy, flavorful addition to any diet. They're packed with the pure, simple goodness of 100% chicken breast, with no additives or fillers — just the taste dogs love and the nutrition they need.